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Great taste for great feelings

Fresh, natural & wholesome - Milk that speaks for itself. Still, there's a story to be told, and a pretty interesting one! How we came to be? During our childhood, Maa used to give us a glassful of milk right out of a clay pot as soon as we got back from school. This clay pot was kept in a Sachimata Dairy. Sachimata Dairy is a small pit dug on the ground lined with wooden pieces and cow dung cakes for heating the clay pot on a very low flame. After sitting for a couple of hours in the simmering flame of Sachimata Dairy, the milk gets an amazingly earthy aroma. Yes, we can still smell it! And this memory is what gave birth to our brand - Sachimata Dairy.

Our Story

At Sachimata Dairy, passion and integrity are the main ingredients in everything we do. This starts from the very first step of procuring carefully selected milk, all the way till its products reach your table.

With decades of dairy procurement experience right from the grassroots, Mr. Sukumar Ghosh started his exemplary entrepreneurial journey with Sachimata Dairy, in 2018. He successfully inculcated within the organization his self-belief to excel and ensured commitment to world-class hygiene and quality. His legacy and vision are further accentuated by his son, Mr. Siddhartha Kumar Ghosh who is on his way to making Sachimata Dairy more than a milk company with a global presence.

Today, Sachimata Dairy brings to you wholesome products like lassi, doi, ghee, fresh paneer. We will add milk, flavored milk, flavored lassi and many more products in future.  You can always count on Sachimata Dairy for nutrition and great taste. Being a staunch follower of sustainable dairy farming and fair trade practices, when you choose any Sachimata Dairy product, you are also supporting the local dairy community of East India.


Brand Philosophy

We stay true to our brand philosophy of connecting you to local, trusted and sustainable farms. From our farms to your doorstep, the product you receive is the best local product grown in the most economically sustainable way. With your support, we can help grow local farms and invest back in rural communities. We believe in a transparent food system where customers can make informed choices about the food they buy and eat. We are an authentic food brand, celebrating Bharat and India through our products and stories.


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